The family drama of Oto Vans

Before entering the island of 'Supevivientes', Oto Vans He went through a medical-aesthetic clinic to inject Botox. He, who lives from his image, already made it clear that it was going to be very complicated to have to live away from cosmetics and razors for the duration of his contest.

But the certain thing is that, behind that facade that for many could be frivolous, hides a boy who lived a hard childhood. Dramatic Something that marked him so much that all the efforts he makes in life are aimed, principally, at lend a hand to their parents and their five brothers. And the one who has already become one of the favorites in the 'reality', surely that is reason more than pride for that family that had to emigrate from Croatia and live endless hardships.

It was he who told how, when he was only five years old and a brother, his parents, the Tomicic marriage, they had to escape by car from their native country to Portugal because of the fear that they would take away the custody of their children. The reason, the drug addiction against which both fought.

On that trip, he crossed his path, before arriving in Portugal, Vitoria, city in which they settled. There, his parents managed to overcome their problem and became too righteous for an Oto who, he says, grew up in a repressive environment because of the excessive zeal with which their parents controlled them.

I started doing the queer when I left because it was sin inside. "

"What you have done with 13 and 14 years I have started doing now. They did not let you have a cell phone or Internet until they were 16 and I grew up without friends until I was 18 years old. I started doing the queer when I left because it was sin inside. I had to act like I was a 'macho', "he explained from Honduras.

Oto says that if the family grew so much, it was because their parents they did not have money for contraceptives. Much less so that their teenage children could go out with kids their age. So, when he started to charge for his work as 'youtuber', he did not doubt that this money had to go to his parents, so that they could enjoy small pleasures that had never been given due to the economic efforts they made to take to your children forward.

"The first thing in my life is my mother and then my brothers, I thank my mother for everything, to start with because she moved from Croatia to here with me and my brother loaded with luggage to give us a better life", she had told occasion, adding: "He bursts his back every day for the six children he has, and my father alson. And I would love to succeed and reward him. I always dream that with the first huge campaign I do I'm going to buy a house. "

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