Sofia Vergara rescues a 'topless' from 20 years ago and revolutionized Instagram

A few years ago, it appeared on the lists of sexiest women in the world. It remains so, even if no one gives him that honorific prize. We talk about Sofia Vergara, whose name began to sound worldwide thanks to her role as Gloria in 'Moderrn Family' and that this weekend has revolutionized social networks by rescuing a posed in 'topless' 20 years ago.

The actress hung up on her Instagram account orna image of the 90s, in Miami, remembering their past and, at the same time, making it clear that this essence has never been lost. A photo that began to collect 'likes' at the same instant that she clicked the publish button.

Among the comments next to the explosive image highlighted the obvious, that Vergara is spectacular, we can find that of faces as well known as Paris Hilton or Elizabeth Chambers. Everyone has surrendered to a photo that, perfectly, could be reproduced today.

Vergara, about to release the tenth season of 'Modern Family', is still a fashionable girl in Hollywood. And what's left...

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