Anabel Pantoja confesses that she has had dreams of encounters with Kiko Hernández

If something was really unexpected in 'Save me' it was a pique between Kiko Hernández and Anabel Pantoja that ended with confessions and indirect. But yes. Anabel Pantoja has dared to confess in front of everyone that she has had dreams with Kiko Hernández and that is not all.

While the collaborators watched videos of their aunt before reaching the famous island of Honduras and their expected helicopter jump that surprised all of Spain (and, of course, made history), Kiko Hernández attacked Anabel Pantoja with a: "Anabel, if your aunt is smart, who did you come out with then?".

The niece of the Pantoja felt somewhat offended and he answered very sharply referring to his heart with his hand on his chest: "Only one thing I tell you: I prefer to have what I have here below that what you have"He urged her to tell him how bad it was but she did not want to catch up with him." In case these zascas were few, the collaborator made the first confession of the afternoon: "I told Mila that what I liked most about you is that you were the smartest because you have a sense of humor. But now I withdraw it because you've just proved that you do not have a sense of humor or anything to be here. "

Anabel Pantoja got up and sang the beginning of a song for him: "A stupid, self-important, selfish and capricious but there are times that I have to love you"And Kiko, already by the clouds said to him:"What you sing to me at 7 also sing it to me at 12 o'clock at night"Bomba!" (As they would say in the legendary program).

Nobody understood what those references were coming from and Anabel showing that she was not a coward as he had called her before said: "Do you know what happened? That I have dreamed several times with Kiko having encounters with him. I say, I'm not a coward. "The faces of the spectators, a poem and the collaborators did not believe what they were listening to, and finally the final zap of Anabel came to Kiko Hernández:" I'll tell you again that I have no intelligence , I'm not so fast, maybe I do not have that much sense of humor but here I am and in the end you drop your drool when you see me".

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