María Bernad's new haircut will be the most worn this spring

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." We do not know if Coco Chanel was right but what we do know is that since the actress Lucy Boynton wore her revered platinum blonde bob hair we have not stopped to see snip after snip famous that have gone to short hair, even very short. And we did not exaggerate when, on the red carpet of the Oscars, all the actresses appeared with a look very similar to that of the protagonist of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Are we in the season of the changes in look or is it just a coincidence?

Separate conspiracies, we have to talk about new haircut that with which María Bernad has joined the team of changes. One of the hallmarks of the influencer was her short, straight mane, with the tips outwards below the jaw and with bangs in the purest Parisian style.

Now he has dared with a new version that is pure trend in 2019 and that is going to wipe out hairdressers this season. Maintaining its essence vintage, Bernad has opted for a microbob with layers which is halfway between the pixie and the style Garçon.

The capping creates the optical effect of a hair much shorter than his previous, although really only a few centimeters apart. That's why this cut is perfect for those who still do not dare with a pixie and they still want to brush the hair around their necks. The influencer has opened her fringe and left the line on the side to frame her triuncular face.

A very feminine style that it will take away 10 years from above when refining and softening the features. In addition, this cut will do wonders in the fine hair. The discharge of weight at the tips will cause the volume Concentrate on the top making the hair look healthier, stronger and brighter. What more reasons do you need to get fashionable hairstyle?

María Bernad with her new haircut made at the Ángela Navarro hair salon. instagram stories

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