Cara Delevingne surprises everyone and shows the hair on her armpits

Cara Delevingne It is one of the most natural and risky famous in the current scene. If not, think about his wild eyebrows, which have created school, or remember when in 2017 he shaved his head and then wore painted silver for the Met gala. She has a very particular vision of beauty and it is unique by skipping the established canons. His last feat? Posing on your Instagram with hair in the armpits.

"After having done the laser I thought that I would never have hair in my armpits again ... I was wrong," the model wrote in one of her latest Instagram publications. However, this image is not a declaration of intentions or a new body-positive movement of social networks, but rather it is a simple requirement of the script of his last movie: Her Smell, who stars next to Elizabeth Moss.

This is how Cara Delevinge has put on her Instagram. instagram: @caradelevingne

Taking Cara's personality into account, she would not have cared to let her hair grow in the armpits if it had been possible, but her visit to the dermatologist to perform the laser for years has meant that she has to resort to a wig. And, although there are many actresses (and actors) who have worn hairpieces in countless films, Cara has had to place it in a less common place; although it is not the only ... Harrington Kit (Jon Snow in Game of Thrones) confessed a few days ago that he had to put artificial hair on his beard so that it was more populated and Paz Vega he also had to resort to a pubic wig for the hottest scenes of the Carmen movie.

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