Aneth Acosta, new contestant of 'Survivientes 2019'

Lately to the 'Sálvame' collaborators escape many exclusives or have too many slips Now it has escaped them with total naturalness and without trying to hide that they had said that, the dear friend of Isabel Pantoja, Aneth Acosta, will participate in 'Survivientes 2019'.

But is that according to 'Save me' will also be competing in 'Survivors 2019' Kiko Matamoros, which, until now almost no media had echoed. For more, Kiko Hernandez said that 'GH Dúo' would be won by María Jesús Ruiz. So it was. What's happening at the TV factory?

No doubt try to hide and rationalize the contestants to not say all at once but they have to agree. And if this is so ... how will Belén Esteban feel that Aneth will go to 'Survivors 2019' after complaining that Isabel Pantoja has many privileges?

This edition of 'Survivors' is giving much living and mystery to the coexistence between the contestants. You have to remember that if Aneth goes to the island of Honduras he will meet Omar Montes and that, before the edition of 'GH VIP 6' she he was against the relationship of Chabelita with Omar Montes. That is to say, Omar Montes will be with his exsuegra and his archenemy, Aneth Acosta. And if the intrigue is small, she herself has left the question open whether or not she will go to 'Survivientes 2019'with these stories:

Stories de Aneth about 'Survivientes 2019' INSTAGRAM

Aneth is a blogger, television collaborator and little mermaid? This is how she defines herself in her Instagram profile where she is well known and followed especially by the Latin American public and by her healthy routines. Let's hope that the Little Mermaid check it on the island.

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