The mother of María Jesús Ruiz can not stand the pressure and leaves the set of 'GH Duo'

In a few hours we will know the winner of 'GH Duo'. The tension is maximum in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra, but also on set, where the relatives have many disputes, criticisms and comments endured in these three months. If not, tell them to Juani, the mother of María Jesús Ruiz, that yesterday could not anymore.

It was a clash between his daughter and Alejandro Albalá what had to explode and leave a few moments of the set. "I can not anymore", He relieved himself with Jordi González after seeing how his daughter said he was "really bad" and asking for respect.

Once he took a breath and came back, things were not calmer. Juani faced Antonio Tejado, who said not to understand the tears of the woman with whom he maintained an 'affair' within the contest, bringing back the theory of that victimhood that has earned the former Miss to play the prize tonight face to face with Kiko Rivera . "Stop insulting my daughter., it was addressed to him.

The certain thing is that, in that dispute in the house with Albalá, this maintains a posture of tranquility, ignoring even the reproaches that his companion of contest makes him. Yes, the Spaniard takes the opportunity to throw the 'pullita' that his ex, José María Gil Silgado, has a mounted switchboard at home to take her to the final victory.

María Jesús arrives at the last day of the contest overcome by events. Tonight we will know if the call of Gil Silgado or the whole Pantoja clan can be more.

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