Sergio Ramos imitates the "tiki tiki" of Ylenia

Ylenia Padilla sneaks into the Spanish national team. He is not going to score any goal, nor is he a loving mess. The fact is that two footballers of the national team have decided to liven up by imitating while throwing penalties in one of the trainings.

Sergio Ramos and Iker Muniain enjoy their penalties that come to door imitating one of the best known faces of television: Ylenia Padilla. Each time this woman takes center stage in a television program, it is done with a famous phrase that few manage to forget.

Do you remember: "I can only laugh at this situation so heavy that I'm living"Well, pessimism comes"Tiki tiki miau miau"For everyone." He could not get more excited and admit that he even felt ashamed seeing one of his idols to imitate her for all Spain.

Just watch the video she got up and with a red blouse as the color of the selection, he sent a message to his idols. "It's a bit" fuerti " That I am Real Madrid's lifelong and I love Sergio Ramos. I'm very happy, really, 'tikitiki around the world, "said the ex-contestant of' GH Duo 'that wipes out all the cameras.

The best thing was that he dedicated her too a "tiki tiki" to the players with a "Viva España!It seems that the phrases of Benidorm not only encourage Jorge Javier Vázquez, they also move everyone in the living room of the house and even the Spanish Soccer Team, as she says: "Tiki tiki 'around the world"'.

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