The wife of Chelo García Cortés criticizes his behavior in 'Survivientes 2019'

We know little, because during three decades of love with Chelo García Cortés, has remained in the most absolute discretion. Until he has no choice. Marta Roca left a little over a month ago to the fray for the participation of the collaborator of 'Sálvame' in 'Survivors 2019'.

Now, it has become one more on that set in which family and friends defend, from a distance, the contest of their loved ones in Honduras. And he has made it clear that he does not intend to take all the cbehaviors of your partner on the island.

Starting with the behavior she is having with respect to Isabel Pantoja, of whom, for many, she seems a kind of servant in the reality show. "I do not agree with the attitude of Chelo, when Isabel Pantoja is the pot goes ", sentenced bluntly, adding, so that no one could misinterpret: "And It is not a jealousy attack, please".

"Isabel dominates people, I'm judging what I see on the island, It bothers me that Chelo is this way with Isabel. I would love to be separated, "continued Marta, who would like the journalist to join more with Carlos Lozano:" I feel bad when I see Chelo like that, I do not agree, I would like them to separate and that Chelo stayed with him. Charles".

The Catalan, which we saw for the first time in a live connection with 'Sálvame' and days later sitting in the 'Deluxe', seems to be doing with the dynamics of television. Will you get fully into this world?

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