Miley Cyrus changes her look and cuts her hair as Hannah Montana

For five years the name of Miley Cyrus was linked to the Hannah Montana, so much that it was not known when the character was present and when the real person was present. It seems that Miley got tired of this little game and in 2011 she cut to the bone with her aller ego. The singer changed her hair and makeup to get a sexier image that completely disconnects her from the Disney character that one day was.

And, when we all thought that Miley hated Hannah Montana deeply, she goes and hair is cut and colored like her. Have you made the decision as a particular tribute to the character that made it known worldwide? Your change of look coincides with the fact that This week marks 13 years since the first episode of the Hannah Montana series was broadcast, where actually Miley did not wear her real hair, but instead I wore a wig.

Miley poses with hairdresser Sally Hershberger and colorist Justin Anderson, responsible for his new hair look. Instagram: @SallyHershberger

The architects of Miley's new hair image have been the colorist Justin Anderson and the hairdresser Sally Hershberger, who have opted for blond reflexes and a straight bangs, respectively. And the singer did not even wait to leave the hairdresser to upload an image with her new haircut to her Instagram profile. Then he continued to update his networks with comments like "I use my hair to express myself" and "Hannah Montana forever"; demonstrating that the passage of time has made her end up keeping affection for the character that made her a star.

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Video: Miley Cyrus Revives Hannah Montana With Epic Hair Makeover (February 2020).