Killed the rapper Nipsey Hussle

The American rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot dead Sunday in Los Angeles (USA) at age 33, local media reported. "Our hearts are with the loved ones of Nipsey Hussle and all those affected by this horrible tragedy"the mayor of the Californian city, Eric Garcetti, said on Twitter today, who assured that Los Angeles suffers" every time a young life is lost by the nonsense violence of firearms. "

The musician he was shot at the door of his clothing store in the South Los Angeles area along with two other people who were injured. Los Angeles police said the shooting took place at 3:20 pm local time, about 30 minutes after the artist posted on his Twitter account that "having strong enemies is a blessing."

The newspaper 'Los Angeles Times' assured, citing sources of the investigation, that the attacker, an unidentified young man, shot at a close distance and then fled in a car that was waiting for him. Because of these signs, it is believed that the murder of the rapper may be related to gang violence.

Numerous faces of music have mourned his death on social networks. Among them, Rihanna, who was not slow in manifesting his pain on Twitter: "This makes no sense! My spirit is shocked by this! "

"Fuck, all my energy is at a minimum when I hear this", Drake said. And Pharrell Williams said Nipsey Hussle's work revolved around something "positive," stressing "inspired millions" of people around the world. NBA stars such as LeBron James or Chris Paul have also lamented this violent death.

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Video: Man suspected of shooting rapper Nipsey Hussle charged with murder (February 2020).