The hardest interview of the father of the little Julen: "Happy we will not be able to be"

It has been a couple of months since Julen died after falling into a well in the locality of Malaga Totalán. A time in which the family has been able to regain itself minimally, because it is a blow that one does not recover from in life. This is what he has recognized his father, José Roselló, in the most personal interview granted so far, that which Telecinco has issued and in which he has talked about how the investigation is going.

Also from that relationship with the owner of the farm, David Serrano. "David's defense came out saying that we supported that report without talking to us and it was a lie that we supported it. It has been attacking since the first day: the pocero, the body of the rescue, doubting the professionalism of four forensics. We are no longer surprised by David ", José uncovers.

The boy's father complains that David did not warn him that there was that hole: "If he teaches me that and he does not cover it, I cover it up, it was a deadly, invisible trap. child in there. " And adds: "On the moral side, I can not qualify them because I can not say what I think. He has all his right to defend himself, the truth is the truth and he only has one way ".

Best parents that we have not had "

"Best parents that we have not had, they can ask how we took care of our children, how we educated them, we loved them and we have spoiled them, unfortunately life has not let us finish", tells how they raised the child before referring to how he has resented the relationship with his close ones: "90% of my family I'm proud of, the other 10% I'm not believing for two and a half months. "

"Happy we will not be able to be, but we will not miss the love", concludes Roselló in that talk with the journalist Noelia Otero in which she opens her feelings as she had not done before since she was as important part of her life as that two-year-old child.

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