Terelu Campos abandons 'Save me' forever

Terelu Campos has had to face the harsh criticism that your sister has received in 'Save Me'. Carmen Borrego has not called a day to the program to defend herself, but Terelu has been there and has ended up exploding. In the midst of this defense of his sister he could no longer handle the false information and attacks and announced that he was leaving forever. There he does not want to be.

While betraying where Carmen Borrego really was, Lydia Lozano got confused in the name of the hotel. "As a good journalist, I had to have contrasted the information," said Rafa Mora, but rather this was the drop that filled the glass. Suddenly Belén Esteban came out in defense of her partner but it was too late.

Terelu Campos was totally determined to abandon 'Save me' and so she went to address: "I wonder what is the crime of my life. Should we burst people? Voucher. But the thing that is bursting is my sister, Alberto. I know that it will not matter to you but not to me because she is my sister. "All the companions chased him and tried to calm the situation but sentenced his participation in the program with a:"I'm going. I want to go for life. I thank you all. This I can not say that it has been a pleasure because it has not been".

He demanded his privacy and until the cameras were gone. He did not want to know anything else although Kiko tried to go after her and convince him to stay. At the end of the program he has sentenced: "It is a definitive low, because Terelu told me that he is leaving the program definitively"But ... will he really leave television forever?

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