Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson await their third child

The famous swimmer Michale Phelps and his wife, Nicole Johnson, will expand their family in a few months. Just a year after having Beckett Richard, their second child, and almost three of the first, the couple has confirmed that they are waiting for their third baby, a cheerful news that will make them a large family.

"The third one is on the way, I can not wait to see the journey he takes us to", confesses Phelps next to an image of his children raised in a toy car and several balloons in which you can read "baby". The athlete, in addition, seems eager to know the sex of the child, "will it be a boy or a girl?" He asks. In the case that she was a girl, she would be the first in the family, because the other two sons are boys. Thus, the Phielps are more members at home than it seems, because in addition They have the company of two puppies: Juno and Legend.

Both are so excited about the news that they have wanted to share it on all social networks, including the accounts of their children. "I asked Mom for a new baby for Christmas and, well ... my wish has come true!", They say funny on one of the Instagram. Nicole, for her part, is also very excited about the news in her personal account: "Ups, we've done it again, I'm going to be mom x3!", account.

A) Yes, the couple has suffered enough ups and downs during their relationship. Despite having started their love story in 2009, at three years they decided to take a break and continue different paths. An era that coincided with the Olympic Games in which he won four gold and two silver medals. Months later, in 2014, they decided to resume the relationship to get married and start a family.

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