Lydia Lozano messes up and reveals that Kiko Matamoros will go to 'Survivors'

Yesterday we knew that the relationship of Kiko Matamoros and Cristina Pujol had come to an end. Hours after Diego Arrabal it will be revealed exclusively in your account InstagramIt was she who confirmed it. And a little later, the magazine 'Lecturas' assured that his son, Jonathan, will be contestant of 'Survivors 2019'.

However. Can you imagine Jonathan living on the island with Matamoros? Well it could be possible. At least, if it is confirmed what escaped to Lydia Lozano in one of the parties of 'Sálvame Okupa'. The collaborators put on masks and, while Lydia was wearing one of Monica HoyosHe urged Víctor Sandoval to wear one of Kiko's.

"Get to Kiko Matamoros, who go to the island both. How big!"he exclaimed before realizing that he had screwed up and corrected, maintaining that it was thought that the mask was Carlos Lozano, however, had already pronounced the other name that, now, we can not get out of our heads until we Confirm or give the complete list and see if it is or not.

With the economic problems that Kiko drag For a long time, despite having derived the debt that has contracted with Hacienda to Makoke, his ex, the truth is that it would not be unreasonable to see him compete in the 'reality' to make cash.

You also have to remember that the last slip from a 'Save me' collaborator, it was fulfilled. Kiko Hernández He said, unintentionally and days before the end of 'GH Dúo', that María Jesús Ruiz would take a final prize that he already enjoys at home.

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