Ylenia Padilla confirms her relationship with Antonio Tejado

Neither of them has taken the briefcase with the final grand prize of 'GH Duo', but the truth is that, in some way, they are also winners. At least, in the field of love. We are talking about Ylenia Padilla and Antonio Tejado, who are no longer hiding.

About a month ago, when he left the house in Guadalix de la Sierra and she had been out for a week, they met again. They lived a romantic weekend of party and hotel. But they tried to keep quiet until they saw if they were going to be able to start something or it was simply the hot of the moment.

This weekend, Ylenia sat on 'Live life' and he confirmed it: he has a relationship with María del Monte's nephew that he hopes will last a long time. "I am very well, I had never lived a relationship like this with anyone, we are very similar and we have many things in common, "he began explaining to Emma García and her collaborators.

Antonio is giving me everything right now "

"Antonio right now gives me everything, I'm saying it without saying it. I do not put labels on things: I live them ", continued, without talking about courtship, but making it clear that they are together and that the information that has been given in these weeks is true.

"We have been living together for two months, knowing the 24 hours. We are both very different from what we can look like and we have many in common ", he continued, before adding: "Neither of us expected this to happen."

"Now we are getting to know each other better. I know it seems intense because it is, but then it is a very good person. Its like me. It rises like foam but falls quickly. He is very sensitive, he has his good things, "he concluded.

After entering with Candela Acevedo in 'GH Duo' in the middle of a crisis that ended up as the rosary of the Aurora and having a 'affaire' with María Jesús Ruiz, finally, it is next to Padilla where Antonio has found the balance. There is no more to see the kiss that occurred yesterday at the end of the gala final of the reality of Telecinco.

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