This 'big size' influencer has the best 'looks' of 'low cost' brands

There are more and more 'influencers' of great size that inspire our outfits with real 'lookazos' perfect for any day of the week and best of all With affordable clothes for our pocket! That's why every time we discover one of these 'instagramers' we can not resist sharing their 'looks' and clothes. The last one we have signed has been Ana Pizarro.

Is 'influencer', photographer, plus-size activist and blogger is an expert in choosing the garments that best fit all sizes and also at 'low cost' prices.

In fact, she is addicted to some of our favorite firms like Asos or Violet by Mango, among other.

Signatures and 'looks' with which we evidence that the latest trends also reach sizes XXL and to all pockets. As shown with this Asos work suit in purple, one of the star items of the season.

True 'lookazos' that will ultimately become our new inspiration from this moment. In fact, they seem ideal to go to the office, to go to eat with friends, to party, for an event ... Ana Pizarro dares with all kinds of styles are more or less formal or 'casual'. And the best thing is that he also dares with the most striking colors.

We are already planning to include most of your clothes in our wardrobe. And you? Would you dare to copy their 'lookazos' this spring?

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