Lara Álvarez, back to 'Survivientes 2019' after her health problem

Last Thursday, the audition of 'Survivors 2019' He missed two people. The first, a Kiko Rivera, who has not reached an agreement with the chain to sit and defend his mother from Madrid. The second, for very different reasons, one of the engines of 'reality' for years: Lara Álvarez.

The person in charge of reassuring everyone - especially his family - was the presenter, Jorge Javier Vázquez, who warned that the Asturian had suffered an "indisposition", but that it was not serious and that it would be incorporated into the emissions in a few days.

I did not lie. Yesterday Lara was already ready to occupy his post in Honduras, giving way to the tests carried out by the participants and mediating between them in different conflicts, but also being responsible for that connection between the island and the set. And he did it with total normality, something that makes us happy.

"We've missed her a lot, but she's already, again, with us. Good evening dear companion, friend, muse of the program ... Lara Álvarez!", Jordi González gave him a step from Spain." Good evening, Jordi! Oh ... I missed you so much! Thank you very much, thank you all, "she answered.

"I'm new, Jordi. I'm new, I'm recovered, I'm made a bull and, look, I will take advantage and, apart from thanking you for this message of affection, all the messages of support and affection of the spectators, but, especially, I want to thank my team, the doctor and the rest of my Comrades, who have treated me like a queen. But, as I say, I'm strong and very eager to tell you everything we have tonight ahead, "he added, sending a hug to everyone who had cared for her these days.

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