Jude Law has secretly married Phillipa Coan

What a surprise wedding week we have ... If yesterday we talked about that ceremony in Las Vegas, with its costumes Elvis and Marilyn included, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, today is the turn to do it Jude Law and Phillipa Coan, who have caught us on foot changed with their surprise wedding.

Indeed, the couple announced its commitment in February. And we knew that they intended to celebrate it this spring. What we could not imagine was that they would do it in such a discreet way, when nobody expected it, surrounded only by a handful of loved ones belonging to the most intimate circle of the couple.

It is the British newspaper 'The Sun' who reports that, although they had rented a castle in a small town in France, they finally opted for a simpler ceremony in the City Hall of London, where they came in a 4x4 to give that 'yes, I want'. An act in which the sponsor was the elder son of the actor, Rafferty Law.

For Jude, who has known several sentimental relationships, this is his second marriage. The first one contracted with Sadie Frost, mother of the three oldest of their five children. That union lasted six years. Later he was committed to Sienna Miller, but they did not take the step towards the altar.

Now, it seems that this is psychologist the one that has gotten me to want a emotional stability. He himself has paid tribute to the one who is already his wife in several interviews throughout these four years of courtship that have ended in marriage.

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