The aubergine, a very precious detox food

It is famous for its large amount of water (93%) and that is why it makes you sate before. They are very dear to any detox operation precisely because of their water and its antioxidants and because its calories are almost non-existent. With these premises has already won the position as superfood and is that, eggplant brings many benefits to the body.


These are some of the benefits that aubergines bring us:

-Improves the circulation blood

-Has large amount of fiber soluble (2.5 gr of fiber per 100 gr of eggplant)

-It is recommended in people with hypertension problems due to its low sodium content

-Protect the liver, it is digestive and diuretic

-Your skin and seeds store chemicals that contribute to keep cholesterol at optimal levels, inhibiting its synthesis in the liver and preventing it from oxidizing and adhering to the arterial walls.


-It is suitable for diabetics since it provides very few carbohydrates and a lot of fiber, which reduces the speed of absorption of sugars from other foods.

-It is good for the nervous system thanks to the vitamins B6, B1 and magnesium that reinforce and improve the mood. In addition, it protects the brain by containing nausin, a phenolic acid that helps neurons, fighting various nervous disorders.

-Help the digestion since they increase the production of bile

A culinary recommendation from the gastronomic team of Yeast Mother is cook the eggplant in pie. "With other vegetables, it is an appetizing way to eat them and also to consume few calories."

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