The message behind Lena Dunham's tattoo on the back of the neck

If there is someone who has always committed himself to everything he believes in, that is Lena Dunham. The actress, who a few months ago discovered that she suffered from endometriosis, has wanted to take a step forward and support, in a curious and forceful way, all those women who, like her, suffer from chronic disease.

Lena has surprised her 'followers' with a tattoo on the back of her neck in which a single word can be read: 'sick' - ill. The explanation of why he has done so is none other than the fact that he pretends to support those women who fight every day for their health, knowing that their pain can be alleviated, but not completely healed.

"Sometimes, the way you most fear being called is the best way you can call yourself", Dunham has written next to the photo, adding:" Thanks to my sisters, in this dizzying but brilliant period of work. I'm tied to you! "

It is not the first tattoo that Lena is made - and it is quite likely that it is not the last - but Maybe it is the most special. Or the one that has most moved his followers, who have had enough to "like" the snapshot.

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