Amaia Romero announces her new and mysterious single

The countdown has begun. It has been the same Amaia Romero the one that has launched the watch by announcing in its Instagram account that it will soon release a 'single'.

Will be on May 3 when it is published and titled 'The Lightning'. So far, the information that has given the triumph has been little, but enough to generate a great expectation.

The first thing he has shared has been a very brief video in which it appears on the beach caressing a white horse. Hours later he shared an image of what will be the cover, in which flames appear burning some flowers.

She was the winner of 'OT 2017' and the one that has taken the longest in publishing any of her works. But his delay is more than justified, since he is very clear about where to direct his professional career. "He wants to work on the whole part of the composition, production, there are profiles of artists who have the ability or facility to make an album in six months and Amaia requires more time ", affirmed his musical producer.

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