How to choose the right tonic for your skin type

If you are clear that applying a tonic is part of the beauty routine, which is not optional and should not be skipped, it is a point in your favor. As he points out Pedro Catalá, cosmetologist and founder of Twelve Beauty, "Applying the tonic is a fundamental step because helps to balance the pH of the skin, which usually increases after cleaning. In addition, the latest generation tonics contain moisturizers that are necessary to keep the skin hydrated, so If you use a good tonic, you will need to apply less moisturizer”.

Know all this, we give you a clue to get the right tonic for your skin: look very well at the last name of the product and, if it does not appear, keep an eye on the list of ingredients. We give you some clues that will help you choose the formula that suits you best.

Fragile skin

Make sure the word is in the tonic pain relieving and, if not, observe that it contains ingredients such as lotus extract, thermal water, aloe vera, witch hazel..., that have that desensitizing function and avoid irritations.

Dry piele

They should opt for a tonic that bears the name of moisturizing and that is usually translated by assets as an extract of sweet almond, licorice, allantoin or hyaluronic acid, which provide a plus of hydration, soften the texture and retain moisture.

Skin off

When the complexion is turned off, to which the daily exposure to pollution contributes enormously, it is necessary to choose a tonic that is defined as revitalizing. Look at the assets that have that property to energize and illuminate the complexion and look inside the formula antioxidant elements, such as green tea, pomegranate or vitamin C, that fight the damages of the free radicals.

Oily skin

In cases where the pores are visible the tonic should be called purifying and include astringent elements, which does not mean that they should carry alcohol, which only irritates and, in addition, can dry out and produce a rebound effect and generate more fat. The lemon extract, salicylic acid or menthol They are great allies for skins with an excess of sebum.

Now that you have all the keys, Do not make the mistake of choosing any tonic in a random way, because it can be worse than not applying anything after the first cleaning step. We warn!

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