7 simple ways to reduce the use of plastic

There is virtually anything plastic that we see, reducing its use is an arduous task but necessary if we want our planet to remain a habitable place with clean seas and animals and plants living in harmony with nature. We give you some simple tips so you can start putting your two cents in the battle against plastic.


Reusable cloth bags

Did you know that a plastic bag can take about a thousand years to degrade? Imagine now the bags that are used daily in supermarkets and stores and you will realize the great problem they pose for the environment.

Always carry with you Reusable cotton cloth bags is a perfect choice to minimize that environmental impact by eliminating plastic in your daily purchases.


Buy in bulk

There are more and more stores that they sell their food in bulk, rice, legumes, nuts, cereals ... In addition to the traditional markets where you can buy fruit and vegetables without packaging.

When you buy these bulk foods, you will avoid taking these foods packed in plastic containers, sometimes even in double plastic containers. For the purchase of several products in bulk stores you can take with you your own containers, for example glass, glass, bamboo ... and take your food home already packaged in an eco way.


Say goodbye to plastic straws

Another way to reduce the use of plastic is to avoid drinking with the traditional straws. If you are in a local you can refuse it or take a reusable straw with you. As well you can have reusable straws at home if you like to drink your drinks, cocktails or healthy drinks with straw.

You can use straws materials like bamboo or stainless steel for example.


Alternatives to industrial tampons and pads

Women every month are susceptible to using many pads or tampons that can leave a huge imprint on the environment. Choose more ecological and reusable alternatives It is a perfect option to avoid that monthly expenditure both economically and plastic.

To make your intimate hygiene a way to claim the health of the planet the ideal is to replace the compresses with washable cloth compresses, or absorbent menstrual briefs like the Cocoro that are an authentic revolution.

If you use tampons try to replace them for a menstrual cup that is gaining followers at times since it is a fabulous, ecological and healthy alternative to spending on plastic and feminine hygiene products monthly. The Enna Cycle cup is one of the most famous, practical and easy to put on, perfect for gilts.

Sustainable pots

In many occasions the plants are found in plastic pots and in Japan they have come up with a zerowaste and ecological solution to this problem with the kokedama technique and the firm Omotesandō has brought it to the West.

In Japanese, the word "kokedama" means "moss ball". This technique eliminates the conventional plastic plant pot and replaces it with a ball of moss. In this way, it is committed to present a plant that does not generate waste and respects nature. For the Japanese, nature is an object of inspiration and contemplation, and they want to live in harmony with it. The kokedama represents this link with nature.

As for the care of these plants, they are watered by immersion with more or less frequency depending on the season of the year.


Eco water bottle

Forget once and for all of the plastic bottles containing bisphenol A and that it is not recommended to fill since it has been observed that these toxic components are released into the water.

You can choose reusable glass, stainless steel or silicone bottles to carry in the gym bag, in the car, in the bag or leave at your desk.

Disposable household that takes care of the environment

Whether you have a celebration, a picnic or a meeting avoid plastic utensils, plates, cutlery, glasses ... You have many reusable or biodegradable options that will not have that terrible impact in the planet.

Household of bamboo, compost, wheat, paper ... Nowadays there are many alternatives to make an encounter with friends, birthdays, informal family event or picnic in the park without having to use so much plastic.

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