The photos of the beginnings of the relationship of Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa that were never published

Isabel Preylser Y Mario Vargas Llosa They have decided to give the details of how the beginning of their relationship was forged. They have done it in a Peruvian Nobel Prize magazine, 'Cosas', and they have not hesitated to explain how, before we could see them together for the first time and the rumors of romance began, they had already been 'hunted' ' The only thing that those images never came to be published.

It is the newspaper 'El País' that has had access to part of that interview in which the 'queen of hearts' explains about these images: "I told the editor that I was already tired of this, people were just having fun with me. the president of Real Madrid Florentino Pérez and I did not want to start over with another rumor ".

"Unfortunately, I had no way to stop the publication of the photos, and in the end, what saved us was that Enrique's terrace is roofed in. It may seem silly, but that detail is an important difference: if a judge came to consider that place as an interior of the house, could accuse the magazine of an attack on privacy and condemn her to pay millions in compensation. Perhaps the editor did his legal consultations and for that reason he preferred not to risk publishing the photos ", continues Isabel.

A little later, it was the magazine 'Hello', in June 2015, who was responsible for bringing to light the relationship of the couple. Isabel already knew that his with Mario was going to curdle, that it would not be a rumor anymore and it seemed appropriate.

Almost four years have passed since that and we can see how he did not make a mistake. The love between them took root and, to this day, they are one of the strongest couples in the national 'celebrity' scene.

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