This curvy influencer imitates a photo of Marta Lozano and Teresa Andrés and goes viral

It seems like a lie, but it's been almost a year since Marina Llorca will initiate one of the most beautiful movements seen so far. The graphic designer began uploading her own imitations to photos of influencers without expecting them to become viral as she published them. Images of Nina Urgell, Aitana Ocaña or Jessica Goicoechea they are just some of the famous ones that Marina Llorca has imitated in a more curvy version, and in fact we find very little difference between some photos and others ... If even the location seems exact!

Now, after several months without imitate to none influencer, the blogger has returned with an image that already stores more than 9,000 'likes'. It is a photo that Marta Lozano and Teresa Andrés made last summer in Ibiza and that already has the most exact imitation thanks to Marina. In this way, the young malagueña struggles so that no woman is ashamed of her own body when wearing bathing clothes.

Marina Llorca imitates an image of Marta Lozano and Teresa Andrés. d.

"The first #MarinaImitandoXL in collaboration with someone, it had to be with her. You do not know how proud I am of this young lady, that she has achieved it, that she has left behind those insecurities that we all have and has stood there with me. I'm not going to fool you by saying that it has been easy, it has cost a lot of work. For months I was telling him that I wanted him to be part of this project and that when he felt ready, he would be waiting for her. And no, those complexes have not disappeared magically overnight, but he has had the courage to take a big step forward and that is incredible. Having a different body to what we are used to seeing in networks or in the world of fashion, does not make us worse, although sometimes we think so. I see in total 4 very different bodies, each one with its dimensions, each one as valid as the one next to it, each one beautiful in its form. I see 4 kids. Let's learn to appreciate that variety is something wonderful, "he wrote in his Instagram account.


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