The surprise performance of Pablo López in the Madrid Metro

The users of the Metro of Madrid They met last weekend with a most pleasant surprise. Someone rubbed his eyes to verify that what he was seeing was not a mirage, that who was in a car with his guitar, playing, was the very same Pablo López.

The singer from Malaga was not alone. At his side, Andrés, one of the finalists of 'La Voz'. Specifically, that of his team. That guy who usually offers music on public transport in the capital and has seen how, in a few weeks, his name sounds thanks to the Antena 3 program.

So, as a nod, Pablo wanted to have this detail with him. And transmit it through a live video in his Instagram stories. Both were mounted on Line 10 and They toured Line 1 bringing their music to all the lucky ones who shared a trip with them.

Pablo López supported Andrés, his contestant of 'La Voz', singer in the Madrid Metro. instagram

Pablo, also, wrote a message on his Instagram, of the most affectionate, showing him that he will not only make this journey through the world of music: "No matter where we paste the steps colleague, the important thing is that it gives us life to walk", he wrote.

Great detail of Lopez, which we have seen throughout the broadcast of the program, which has debuted in Antena 3 this year, joking and vacillating with his partner Luis Fonsi.

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