Beware of dyes! All you have to take into account when changing hair color

Nordic white, the range of copper or chocolate cake are some of the hair colorations that are fashionable. If this spring you have finally decided to take the step to change the tone of your hair, you should take into account a series of precautions to not finish with the hair of the color that you did not wantor, what is worse, with him crying out for a good snip to arrange the Damage caused by discoloration.

Prepare the hair in advance

Whether you are going to dye your hair at home or go to a salon to have it applied by a professional, it is advisable that you extra pampering contributions a few days before. And the eve is not superfluous that you submit to a hydration cure, since this will prevent it from breaking or being too dehydrated after coloring

Talk to your colorist

The more information you provide, the better. Apart from telling you the color you would like to obtain, talk about your past color experiences of the last two or three years (the tones, the duration, the damages, the expectations ...) and both of what you liked and of what you did not of the previous dyes. Although it may not seem like it, this step is important not only for the professional to prepare the most appropriate nuance for you, but also so you know what condition your hair is in and so you can quickly solve any problem that may arise during the process.


Respect the times

No matter how much you want to wear the Nordic white right now, you must be realistic and know that your black hair is not going to clear up in a couple of hours. In fact, if you are looking for a radical color change (going from a dark tone to a much lighter one) you probably have to go to the room several times; in this way you will ensure you get the desired color without giving up healthy hair and preventing damage and breakage.

Take care of your hair at home

It is useless to spend a fortune on the best colorist in the city if you do not use it later hair products that are at the height of your new look. At home make sure you use both a shampoo as a good quality conditioner. If it has not been necessary to bleach your hair you can use a specific range for color, but if the dye has been quite radical it will be better that you opt for a strengthening.

Do not neglect hydration

Colored hair is more dehydrated than natural hair. A crucial step is to apply (and let act) the mask once a week. It is also important to use a thermal protector if you are going to use heat tools. And a little capillary oil -Especially if it's coconut- on the tips It is perfect to provide a extra shine and hydration and prolong the duration of the color.

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