Anitta: "I'm from a humble place in Rio, there was no money to study"

It has record numbers throughout Latin America. Two billion views of her videos, almost 40 million followers on Instagram, has filled Madison Square Garden and is the most awarded artist of the year after Camila Cabello. In our country we know little. A slight but intense incursion with the song Downtown last year does not do justice to the earthquake that Anitta causes in his country, Brazil, and throughout Latin America. He arrives in Spain to stay and he does it with an interesting album in which he works three languages, with several collaborations, ten songs and ten videoclips, the most requested by his followers. Daring, independent and very funny, we chatted before her performance in one of the galas of the Movistar + Fama program.

Heart It's not your first time in Spain.

Anitta No. I have been many times. I knew Madrid and Barcelona a long time ago. It was what encouraged me to speak Spanish.

C. It is true that you speak Spanish well.

A. Many years ago I had a song that stood out in Portugal and I had to come. I visited Spain and fell in love with the language and the people. I wanted to understand what they told me and the first thing I did was teach Spanish. I had three different teachers, an Argentine, a Chilean and a Spanish. I asked everyone to teach me the language, but with the Colombian accent that is the sexiest of all (laughs). I speak Brazilian, Spanish and English. I spoke Italian, but I forgot because I practiced little.

C. I see that what Anitta proposes achieves.

A. Always! I kill myself if necessary, but I go and I get it. I am an independent woman and I do not need anyone else.

C. Here is Spain we know you little, but your figures are record. Number one Spotify in 2018 with three billion listeners, almost 40 million followers on Instagram, a lot of numbers one, the second most awarded artist of this past year ...

A. Well, what happens is that Brazil is as big as a continent. There they listen to me and they love me very much. He thinks that we have a different language from the rest of Latin America and that made it easier for me to succeed there. When I started singing in Spanish, success went from country to country very fast. Downtown was the song that put me in the international market and now it's time to grow more.

C. For those who have not listened to you yet, what kind of music does Anitta sing?

A. Well, I do not like to define my musical style because I change a lot. In Brazil I sing all kinds of rhythms and in this album the same. I do not like to have the singing label this or I sing the other thing. I like popular music.

C. Tell us about Kisses, your new album.

A. It is an audiovisual album. They are ten songs with their ten videoclips. I have a very strong personality, but very complex too. What I want to say is that within me I am many people, there are very different Anittas and I wanted to show that in this work. That's why in each video you seem to see a different person. I sing, I am the artist, I am my manager, I am the boss, but I am also the girl who plays and who jokes. The disc is for different moments. There are times when you are looking for love, others where you are more crazy, more work, more hooliganism. There are no signs for who you want to be.

C. It is not usual to have recorded video clips when the album is released.

A In my country, my videos are very popular and people are waiting for them. And expect something big and original, that's why it occurred to me.

The Brazilian singer Anitta during the interview. alberto bernárdez

C. What is the first song that should be heard from the album?

A. It agrees that it is the one that opens it, the first. It's called attention. Talk about who I am and the work I do. I speak of the different type of women in me. "Attention, training, the captain came," that's how the song begins. (Laughter)

C. Song with important message for women.

A. Yes, I believe that we must take advantage of the attention I generate for important things for us. There is a moment in the video in which the women who appear perform a breast self-examination. I like to generate debate of important things while people have fun. I like to fight for what I think is necessary. I have already made videos in the Amazon to protest deforestation, I have sung with Drag Queens to give them visibility and also, for example, I have dancers plus size. Step of the stereotypes, we have control.

C. What do you say to those who see macho attitudes in your videos?

A. That there are others who see in the same video an empowerment of women. The best thing is to respect what people do but I like the debate.

C. I would not have imagined that it was possible to see Snoop Dogg and Caetano Veloso on the same album.

A. There are many collaborations in the album. And I can hit Caetano, Snoop or Becky G on the same album, yes. But they are all friends and people that I admire. I love Caetano Veloso, he is one of my best friends and one of the ones who has helped me the most in my life. I am so. If you go to my birthday party you will see the craziest person in Brazil next to the most conservative. All together.

C. How did you start in music? Did your parents encourage you?

A. Not at all. My father always told me no, he wanted me to study business administration and so I did. My father wanted me to be an entrepreneur and the truth is that I am. I carry everything of my own and also represent artists in Brazil. To start singing as such, I started in church with my grandfather when I was seven years old. Until the 17th I continued in the choir and then I started singing in the street, in the favelas, in the communities

C. There you were born?

A. Yes, I am from a humble place in Rio de Janeiro. There was no money to study.

Anittta with Jota Abril during the interview. alberto bernárdez

C. Did you have to work before becoming an artist?

A. He did not give me time. I entered the music market professionally at 16 years old. A producer saw on Youtube some of my videos singing and dancing funk and we signed a record contract. There Anitta arose. Now, besides being my own company and representing others, I give business conferences in Brazil about how to be a manager of your product.

C. With which Spanish singer would you share the stage?

A. With Rosalía and Pablo Alborán. They are friends and in fact we have already talked about that.

C. Will we see you for Spain acting?

A. Well, I really wanted to come to Europe in summer and finally it will be in Spain. I'm delighted. I will be in Ibiza and in the Arenal Sound.

C. How is the music scene in Brazil?

A. 95% of music consumption in Brazil is Brazilian. They are very closed for songs from other countries. It's very weird.

C. And the political changes, how are you living?

A. Now Bolsonaro governs and that is what the majority voted, because they wanted economic changes and education. But there are two sides facing each other. The two fight for what they believe. I believe that if the person who governs your country does not like you but has been elected, you have to team up so that your country goes well regardless of whether the country's commander is the one you like or not. I think this is what should happen now, but people just fight and fight.

C. 38 million followers on Instagram is a responsibility.

A. I like it And I think it's interesting to be able to send them the message that they do not desist. That there are many barriers to success, especially if you do not have money or people who support you, but hard work is achieved

C. Have you had barriers in your career?

A. Claro. With Downtown, for example, I heard that nobody was going to like it and look. Fight until I got what I wanted.

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