The reaction of Julen's parents after knowing the result of the autopsy

The father of Julen, the two-year-old boy who was found dead 13 days after falling into a well of Totalán (Malaga), have assured, after knowing the definitive autopsy that points out that the little one died in the "few minutes" of rushing into the hole, that "inside the pain" they have, "It's a relief to know that my child did not suffer".

José Roselló, in an interview with his wife Victory in Canal Sur Televisión, collected by Europa Press, has said that they expected "the result that the forensic report has given", in which they point out that the little one died by falling in the well and categorically rule out that the action of the pickaxe used in the rescue affected the death, as pointed out in a report of the defense of the owner of the farm where the well is located, investigated in the case.

Regarding this report, presented in court before the final autopsy and pointing to the injury of the child could have been caused by one of the pegs of the rescue, has indicated that it is "a pain that has come later and creates doubts", although he has insisted that "we have never supported him nor will we do it now".

He has assured that currently "there is no relationship" with the owner of the farm, David Serrano, who has family ties with them and who is under investigation for a reckless homicide offense; Roselló said that "he has the right to defend himself in any way, but what we do not agree is that his lawyer said that we supported that report when it was not true."

Serrano has been defending his innocence, although the father of the child has assured that he will continue in this criminal proceeding, which is directed against Serrano, "As far as we have to go, if we have to get to the end, we will arrive". "We want everything to be clarified," he said, assuring that he will "follow the steps that our lawyer tells us."

For its part, its lawyer, Antonia Barba, has indicated to Europa Press that the autopsy does not surprise him and is "emphatic" in discarding that the use of the pickaxe could affect the injuries that the child presented or in his death, reiterating the lawyer that the defense document "I have always said that I did not feel like a report in the sense strict".

On a possible criminal responsibility of the man who made the well, the lawyer has indicated that, as a private accusation, they will not ask for the declaration of this as investigated, explaining that "a posteriori", regardless of the work carried out by this, make "a narrow ditch with a sufficient depth so that you do not see that there is a hole in the background and also with slope ".

In this regard, Barba has indicated that "if you had left the montonera that made the pocero, Obviously the parents could realize that there was a danger ", but there was a subsequent alteration of the land.

For its part, the Prosecutor's Office considers for the moment that the case must continue, waiting for the experts They still have to surrender to the court to join the cause, specifically on the sand in the area, according to court sources.

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