This shade of color chosen by Blanca Suárez makes you big eyes if you have brown or green

Blanca Suárez He has already returned from his romantic holidays in Africa with Mario Casas and it seems that he has already had to return to the routine and to his professional commitments that were waiting for him yesterday in Madrid. Both the actress and her partner, Macarena García, went yesterday to 'El Hormiguero' to promote their latest work together: 'Nonetheless'. A new film in which they have also worked together Belén Cuesta and Amaia Salamanca.

And as in each appearance that the actress of 'Las Chicas del Cable' stars on the set of Pablo Motorcycles, this time also has returned to turn his lookazo into protagonist. But this time, more dark than ever and with a style composed by a Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini t-shirt, a sequined short skirt by Barokah Jewels and a Christian Louboutin XXL heeled sandal, but without a doubt what this time brought the finishing touch was her eye makeup, that once again has been the work of the make-up artist Natalia Belda.

She was the creator of this shocking makeup with eyeshadow in fuchsia color very marked by the entire eyelid mobile. A very striking color, with which the actress has returned to sign up to one of the trends of the season: eye shadows in pink colors.

A tone that in the eyes of the actress has called us especially the attention, since further favors your brown eyes tone. In fact, red, purple or (as in this case) roses, make brown eyes tend to green and green eyes intensify their color even more.

Blanca Suarez shared the result of her makeup on Instagram just before leaving in 'El Hormiguero'. iNstagram.

Hence, yesterday Blanca Suárez get an impact look with this type of makeup, something we could also check in their stories minutes before 'El Hormiguero':

The shades of fuchsia shade are perfect to intensify the colors of brown and green eyes. Instagram

For the rest of the look, the actress opted for a high simple bun with a loose strand, a natural lip tone and slightly marked cheeks. An ideal mix to give all the prominence to your look and, without a doubt, a perfect makeup look to show off your big eyes in our guest makeup this spring What are you waiting to copy it?

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