Makeup for stretch marks? Record the viral trick of this instagramer

The stretch marks are more common than we think: behind was that image of the perfect woman with some smooth and toned legs. And it is some clothing brands like Asos have already been responsible for giving visibility to their models to these small imperfections that appear on our skin due to external factors, such as pregnancy or the changes in weight very abrupt if we are dieting or exercise a lot.

We have already talked at length about how to fight them with creams to eliminate them or at least improve their appearance. But surely you had never considered using makeup to hide them for a few hours.

The beauty instagramer Sara Revuelta has shown on Instagram how he gets disguise their stretch marks almost complete and punctually with the same makeup you already have in your bag. A much cheaper option to the classic treatments not suitable for all pockets. "I do not like the striae, although I admit that when I was little, anything was good for me, I get a lot of messages with requests for videos and this topic tends to come out a lot." The best way to disguise them permanently is to have the hydrated skin, the rosehip and being tanned ", says Sara.

In the video -which has gone viral- shows its stretch marks while doing the steps that must be done to erase them and explains: "If you want to disguise them in a timely manner, use a very moisturizing oil, makeup base, translucent powders Y hair spray for an extra fixation. Anyway, we all have stretch marks and I do not think they are unsightly. They are a mark of life more and to live is a luck "

A publication that has generated a debate inevitable in which many women criticize it Apparently an unnecessary and quite bad method. "And when I enter the water?" "Can we normalize the damn stretch marks that we all have"? "I have always liked your content, but this is not ... you are teaching what you hide something that is part of you", some of her followers explain annoyed.

Others, on the other hand, have not hesitated support him by believing that could make us feel more secure on many occasions: "We should not bother so many natural marks of our skin, but it is also logical that if something bothers you, you can disguise it while you learn to love it" "Yes, it's true, the stretch marks are natural, they are signs of change ... but I also do not like them so thank you for the trick ", commented other users in the network.

And what do you think: makeup for stretch marks, yes or no?

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